This reference manual describes the NCL Multi-axis Machining Software product.NCL (Numerical Control Language) is a Computer-aided manufacturing software package used to create programs to run CNC machine tools. NCL has been specifically developed for multi-axis machining applications and is ideally suited for environments where design changes are frequent and machine time is critical.
NCL is capable of creating, importing and modifying 3D geometric data which is used to represent the component(s) to be machined.
NCL offers a variety of strategies for producing efficient, user controlled toolpaths including simultaneous 4 and 5-axis motion.
NCL receives its instructions from the user in the form of a part program. A NCL part program consists of statements and commands which make up the Numerical Control Language. NCL’s syntax is based on the ANSI X3.37-1977 standard for the APT programming language. NCL implements a subset of that standard as well as extensions to that standard. It is important to note that NCL is not APT. NCL relies on the APT syntax because of its industry familiarity, however, the internal processor is unique to NCL and incorporates the most modern CAD/CAM strategies for solving geometric and NC toolpath problems.
The NCL user can produce a part program using NCL’s interactive, graphical user interface. The interface produces NCL part program statements, provides dynamic viewing of the geometric model and toolpath data, produces a variety of output files, and allowed previously created part programs to be processed and modified.The NCL user may also write or modify a part program using a standard text editor. The program can then be processed interactively to verify the syntax and function of the program.
NCL users tend to use a combination of interactive program creation/modification and text editing.
NCL programs can also be processed in a non-interactive batch mode which processes the program, reports errors, and produces the output files. Processing in batch mode makes it easy to make changes to the program, (i.e. modifying a variable, changing a feed rate, etc.) and quickly generate new results.


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