ANSYS – Performing a Goal Driven Optimization Study

This tutorial provides a basic introduction to the Goal Driven Optimization (GDO) component of DesignXplorer. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the steps of performing a Goal Driven Optimization study on a model of a support, with the end goal of minimizing mass while exceeding a safety factor (focusing on safety as the most important consideration). This workshop gives step-by-step instructions for importing a mechanical input file, generating design points and a Response Surface, defining optimization goals and objectives, and viewing results for selected points.This tutorial covers the following Goal Driven Optimization topics:
1.What is Goal Driven Optimization?
2. Getting Started
3. Defining Parameters in Mechanical
4. Performing the Optimization
5. Reviewing Goal Driven Optimization Charts
6. Reviewing Candidate Points
7. Reviewing Results


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