Maxwell to Fluent Coupling

Coupling Maxwell Eddy Current Heat Loss to Fluent for Natural Convection

This workshop guides how heat loss data can be transferred from Maxwell to Fluent with
Workbench R16
The example uses an eddy current solver of Maxwell to calculate heat losses which are then
applied to Fluent to simulate Natural Convection
The workshop also guides users through basic Fluent setup.
This workshop is NOT intended to show how natural convection is simulated in Fluent but rather
gives basic information about Fluent setup. For more details of Fluent simulation, please refer
Fluent Users Guide

Coupling Maxwell to Fluent for a Transient Simulation
This workshop is intended to show how loss data from a Maxwell transient solution can be transferred to Fluent steady state solver for temperature calculation
The example used is a Prius motor. The motor is simulated in Maxwell 2D for electromagnetic losses and the thermal simulation is performed inside Fluent 3D
The Ohmic losses in the magnets and core losses in the stator and rotor are transferred from Maxwell 2D to a 3D mesh in Fluent for temperature calculation
Losses applied in Fluent are time averaged values
This workshop shows only steps related to transferring losses from Maxwell to Fluent and does not contain details about Maxwell or Fluent. Please refer to Fluent Users’ Guide for information on
Fluent Setup


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