ArchiCAD Training Guide

The Training Guide is designed as a two-part course for ArchiCAD. The Training Guide leads you through the steps of creating two projects: residential and commercial. The first course, Level 1, provides a beginner-level understanding of ArchiCAD concepts, tools, drawing techniques and modeling process.
The second course,
Training Guide – Level 2, is designed for the intermediate level and highlights the implementation of a project at the construction document phase, methods of organization, and the application of tools for creating production drawings.
The intention of the
Training Guide is to offer a consistent and organized process for learning ArchiCAD based on a residential and commercial project.
Each step guides you through the concept or technique to be learned, the information necessary to build the model, and how to accomplish the exercises within each step. The steps contain diagrams and dialogs that provide quick references to tools and concepts used within the exercise.
In the
Training Guide – Level 1 course we will use a project designed by House + House Architects, an award-winning firm located in San Francisco, California. The project, known as the Drucker-Brownstein Residence, is a 2,400 square foot residence located an hour north of San Francisco.

Level 1 – Introductory: Residential Project
Introduction helps you locate the information you need.
Section 1 – Concepts and Tools introduces the visible elements of the ArchiCAD working environment. It helps you find your way around the ArchiCAD workplace and understand the
role of each component in
Section 2 – Creating the Building Information Model concentrates on the creation of the ArchiCAD model using building elements such as walls, beams, columns, slabs, roofs, doors,
windows, skylights, stairs, objects and lights. It also covers the tools and settings available for each element and how to customize the element to the needs of a particular design.
Section 3 – Presenting the Design discusses and reviews various methods of presentation including renderings, animations, virtual reality and sun studies as well as the process for
creating a presentation layout.

Level 2 – Intermediate: Commercial Project
Introduction helps you locate the information you need.
Section 1 – Organizing the Building Information Model discusses how to use ArchiCAD to manage and produce construction documents. It describes how to tailor the program to your specific needs, define standard options for all projects in your office, or use special settings for different projects.
Section 2 – Creating the Production Drawings discusses
PlotMaker, a standalone layouting application that is part of the ArchiCAD package. PlotMaker is optimized for preparing an architectural documentation set based on the views, drawings and images created with ArchiCAD, as well as added data from other external sources, such as other
CAD and image files, word-processing documents and spreadsheets.
Section 3 – Project Management includes the data exchange tools
that you need in your architectural practice to collaborate with colleagues and other professionals as well as how to properly archive a project in both ArchiCAD and PlotMaker.


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