Explicit for ANSYS Mechanical User Lecture & Video

• Lecture 1 Explicit Dynamics Introduction and Material Models
– Workshop 1 Build Explicit Dynamics Project and Define Materials

• Gives ANSYS Mechanical users a quick introduction to ANSYS Explicit STR

• Covers most aspects of Explicit Dynamics simulations from model setup, solving, to handling runtime errors

• Build workbench projects from scratch to simulate the drop test of the components of a smart phone

• Lecture 2 Geometry, Meshing, Connections
– Workshop 2 Generate Mesh & Define Contact
• The imported CAD geometry often contains errors that need cleaning and repairing for numerical analysis– If these errors are not repaired, most likely meshing will fail or mesh quality will not be good for numerical simulations
• ANSYS DesignModeler provides very powerful and automatic geometry cleaning and repairing capabilities and will be used in this training course
• Furthermore, ANSYS SCDM (Space Claim Direct Modeler) also provides the similar capabilities to clean and repair the imported CAD geomet

• Lecture 3 Initial Conditions, Boundary Conditions, and Analysis Settings
– Workshop 3 Finish Model Setup and Run
Once all the bodies used in a simulation have been meshed and their modes of interaction defined, setup is completed in the Explicit Dynamics folder by defining:
• Initial Conditions
• Loads and Constraints
• Analysis Settings
• Solution Information

• Lecture 4 Troubleshooting Runtime Problems & Parametric Study
– Workshop 4 Setup a New Model, Run, and Diagnose Runtime Problems
• Always plot energy conservation under Solution Information to check energy balance and energy error
• Large negative contact energy is usually caused by undetected penetrations
• If hourglass energy is large, e.g., > 10% of internal energy, you need to
– Verify material properties to make sure it is not too stiff
– Refine mesh to increase numerical accuracy– Use different element type, e.g., use shell elements to represent thinwalled solid bod


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