Autoship AutoPlate User’s Manual

Autoplate is a tool for creating hull plates for ships. It offers the following features:
· automates many of the processes involved in defining plate boundaries
· performs plate expansion and produces forming information
· generates templates and pin jig data
· allows assignment of stock type to plates
· provides 2D and 3D DXF output
· generates shell expansion DXF drawings
· provides a classification system for the organization of plate information
· creates pin jig data for panels made of adjacent plates
· calculates plate weights and areas
plate is closely tied to the Autoship hull design program. It accepts Autoship project files as input and has basically the same main screen,controls and menus. In this manual it is assumed that the reader is familiar with Autoship and with the Windows operating system. If any terms or features in this manual are unfamiliar, please consult the Autoship manual.


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