Cimatron E Tutorial – NC Parameter Exercises

In the following tutorial you will learn about a variety of NC Parameters available in Cimatron E.
You will learn use the Parameters through the exercises supplied:
Volume Milling — Entry Mode/Vertical Step/Rough between layers/Optimized strategy & Contour Keep climb
2. Displaying Motions — Global Filter/Preview/Navigator
3. Cutters– Conic Shank
4. Surface Milling– Horizontal Planes Approach/3D Step/Surface Milling
5. Remachine
Pencil Z control Increase control over the machining by letting the user input Z Limit in cleanup & Pencil. Complete machining exactly to the Z layer specified by the user in order to control machining coverage of the part as well as increase predictability
6. Surface Quality
Round corners A few different modes of Round corner are available within Rough Spiral and Finish that contains Spiral milling.The different modes are set to give better control over the results of Round Corners.Generally, the Basic mode will supply a good solution for the corners rounding. For advanced users and special cases the user is allowed to control more parameters used internally.
7. Editing & controlling Motions– Motion Editor/Multi Offset
8. 5X Milling– Multi-Axis Stock and Connection/Trimming/5X_Tilting/5X Finish Parallel with Lead angle
9. Micro Milling
Micro Milling technology involves fields where smaller and smaller parts need to be machined with a high quality surface finish using tiny cutters.The implementation in Cimatron is a toolpath type that is able to hold these special extreme conditions.
10. Electrode Machining
In the Electrode Machining chapter various Cimatron NC parameters will be discussed, to machine thin & long
walls e.g. electrodes, or parts made of soft materials.An accurate wall thickness dimension and a high surface quality can be achieved due to the walls remaining rigid during machining


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