Cimatron E Tutorial – Solid

In this chapter of the tutorials various aspects of the solid building functions with in CimatronE will be discussed.
Drive – Both the creation and the addition of drives to an existing solid, by driving a 2D sketch along a spine. The spine is created by using the Corner Radius function.
Divide – Cut (trim) one or more open or closed objects (also faces) by using face(s), a plane, or object(s) as a cutting tool.
Round – Create round edges from sharp corners. The rounding radius can be constant or variable.
Loft – This technique allows the formation of relatively complex surfaces from a set of cross sectional curves.
Extrude – Create a new solid or add to an existing solid by extruding (pulling) a 2D sketch in a given direction.Referred to here is the Extrude to reference option, which includes the Extension tool found in CimatronE.
Taper – This function rotates faces about existing curves or edges.
– This Feature used on open objects, allows the user to choose either the trim or boolean option when using the cut function.
Tolerant Stitch – This feature in CimatronE ensures that faces stitched using the Tolerant Stitch option, do not contain any open edges.
Chamfer – Creates a symmetric (90 degree bevel) chamfer or asymmetric chamfer along a solid edge or edges.The desired chamfer depth is entered in the Distance field.
Remove & Extend – Removes faces and extends adjacent faces to close the gap created.
Extend Object – Fast modifications of Solid objects
Stretch – Stretch or shrink an object along a vector in relative to a reference plane


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