CimatronE Tutorial – Advanced Drafting

Advanced Drafting Introduction .View Creation

2D Drawing
In order to work with a view, it must be activated. This is done by either picking the view and selecting Activate
view from the right-click popup menu, or by selecting the view name in the Drawing Tree and selecting Activate
view from the right-click popup menu. The activated view is highlighted for clarity.

Insert picture
We will now add the picture of the part and a logo to the drawing.


Show hidden part as visible
The show hidden parts as visible checkbox is accessed from the View Creation dialog and enables users to
display all hidden parts in predefined assembly views (based on the Part Filter). This option saves the user the
time required to hide hidden lines.

BOM in the Assembly
Create a Bill of Materials for the Mold Design application. This BOM file contains all the data regarding the
components that make up the complete mold.

Advanced Template

Table of Holes
This feature includes selecting the required view, the origin point and the table location. The system runs the
hole analyzer on the selected model and creates a table of holes displaying information such as, hole number,
hole type, hole parameters and more. During this process, the system automatically groups identical holes
together (containing the same geometry, hole attributes and threads).

Label of Holes
This tool enables ou to automaticall label holes and create labels on the view beside each hole.


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