CimatronE Tutorial – Curves and Lines

Composite Curve Introduction
The Composite Curve function is used to create a single 2D or 3D curve by joining two or more curves (lines,
edges, splines, etc.).
Composite curves can be opened or closed and can have sharp or round corners.

Intersection Curve
The intersection curve is used to create one or more curves at the intersection between faces and / or planes

Project curve

From Face Introduction
The From Face function creates curves along edges or section / cross-section curves of face(s)

Modify Curve
Using the Modify Curve function a spline (or any other curve type) can be modified by defining a set of

Spline–Control Points

Line Introduction
The Line function, creates single or multiple line entities.

Merge several wire frame bodies into one body (for both 2D and 3D entities), combining composite curves into
one wire-body and more. This ultimately enables the fast creation of faces.
This option improves your productivity. For example, trimming a face with a few composite curves (merged
into one wire body) at once. Another example is the creation of bounded faces of a few composite curves in one
operation. Yet another example is to use this option instead of using the Sketcher (Add Geometry option), to
combine wire bodies into one sketcher entity, which is slower and has the limitation of a 2D output.
Use this option to merge DI data and also to heal gaps between curves by merging them together


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