CimatronE Tutorial – Faces

The face functions within CimatronE are used to create surfaces. These surfaces are 2D or 3D entities that
contain area but have no thickness.

In the following tutorial, various face functions will be discussed, as follows:
• The Blend function is used to create a blend face between edges, sketches, contours, curves and points.
• The Fillet function creates round faces or surfaces between two groups of faces.
• The Extend function creates a new face on an existing open-edged face.
• The Trim function is used to trim a face by a point, curve, edge, contour, face or plane.
• The Variable Fillet function enables the creation of fillet surfaces between two sets of smoothly connected faces while defining varying minimum radius values on a picked point.
• The Composite Face tool is used to create a single face from a sequence of smooth faces.
• The Tangent Curve Face function creates a face that is tangent to a face and goes through a curve.
• The Fillet 3 Faces function creates a face tangent to three groups of faces.
• The Corner function creates a number of untrimmed faces (equal to the contour construct entities.
• In the Modify chapter various options for modifying faces are discussed


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