CimatronE Tutorial – NC 5X Advanced

5X Advanced
Create finishing toolpaths on multiple surfaces for 5-axis machining.
This procedure supports 3 – 5 axis machining with a wide variety of machining strategies and cutters (including Lollipop and Slot Mill). You have full control over the cutter orientation and over the behavior between cutting motions. Up to four sets of check faces can be used, each with a different offset and a different response when a theoretical path gouges it. Defining machine limits and other machine properties are also available.
Multiple layers (based on 3D offsets) can be used, combined with gouge check and control and the use of drive surfaces allows roughing in 4 / 5X machining for special cases such as turbine blades machining.
Note: To use all the features of the 5X Advanced procedure, a license is required. This license includes the use of Slot Mill and Lollipop cutters. Please contact your Cimatron Provider. If you do not have a license, you will not be able to create, edit or execute a 5X Aerospace procedure.
5X Advanced – Pro: This is the full package of the 5X Advanced technology with full control over the process.
5X Advanced Applications: All other subselection options under the 5X Advanced display a minimum number of parameters to accomplish a specific task. Select the appropriate subselection option and set the parameters

5X Advanced Pro Introduction
This exercise explains the 5X Advanced Pro concept, basic features and methods of definition. It is conducted
step by step using simple geometry.

5X Advanced Pro- advanced
In this tutorial, you will perform the following tasks:
• Learn how to start 5x Advanced Pro and create a real multi surface toolpath perpendicular to surface
• Change the 5x Advanced Pro toolpath from perpendicular to surface into a Swarf toolpath
• Deal with improper surfaces using 5x Advanced Pro gap handling mechanisms.
• Learn the 5x Advanced Pro ability to avoid collisions by tilting the tool intelligently.
• Combine more than one collision strategies on more than one set of surface models.
• Use advanced collision controls to avoid gouging of vertical walls and sharp corners.
• Use more sophisticated options to apply different offsets to different sets of surfaces.
• Study 5x Advanced Pro holder collision

To help the users to cope with the many options available in the 5X Advanced Pro package, a number of
applications have been created. Each one is specially designed for common 5X tasks. The control over the
parameters is limited, but the ease of use is greatly increased.


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