OMNI 3D Workshop Tutorial: 3D Ray Tracing and Analysis

This tutorial builds upon the skills learned in the tutorials “Building a 3D Model” and
“Interpreted Surfaces in 3D Models”. The object of this exercise is to ray trace a 3D
model and calculate a target analysis.

Set parameters as described or shown in pictures of dialogs. As you work, use OMNI 3D’s Popup Help to see explanations of all available parameters. Hover your cursor over a parameter or click the question mark in the upper right of a dialog and then click the parameter for Popup Help

Working with this Tutorial
If you are new to OMNI 3D, please see the “Basic Land”tutorial before you use this tutorial. In this advanced tutorial it is assumed that you can:
Start OMNI 3D
Create a project
Find and use menus in the Project Tree
Use Pop-Up Help in OMNI 3D’s menus and dialogs
Use right-click menus in the View tabs
Adjust the 3D View display
This tutorial applies to the tutorial solution project titled “3D Ray Tracing Example”.
You may compare your results to the solution project. Go to
Help | Load Tutorial Solutions and open the 3D Ray Model folder. The folder contains both the input data for this exercise and the completed solution project


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