OMNI 3D Workshop Tutorial: Depth Analysis

This tutorial shows how to create a Depth Analysis for a survey. You will learn how to view a
data cube on the
3D view tab.
This analysis calculates and displays Stack Fold. That is, fold before migration. Traces are
calculated by ray-tracing over a number of flat layers below the Survey. Traces are then binned
by their reflection point location. Station elevations are taken into account for the computation.
PP or PS reflections may be calculated

Working with this Tutorial
Set parameters as described or shown in pictures. As you work, use OMNI 3D’s Popup Help to
see explanations of all available parameters. Hover your cursor over a parameter or click the
question mark in the upper right of a dialog and then click the parameter for Popup Help.
If you are new to OMNI 3D, please see the “Land: Basic Land” and “Land: Script and Fold”
tutorials before you attempt these exercises. In this advanced tutorial it is assumed that you can:
Start OMNI 3D
Create a project
Find and use menus in the Project Tree
Use Pop-Up Help in OMNI 3D’s menus and dialogs
Use right-click menus in the View tabs
Modify Color Bars
Create a survey
Create a script
Create an analysis
Use analysis style settings to display bin Overlays and Offset/Azimuth limited fold


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