Cimatron E Tutorial – Environment

Environment Introduction
Welcome to the CimatronE Environment tutorial. The tutorial is designed to guide you through the main principles in CimatronE’s environment.
first section within the tutorial deals with basic aspects of opening a Cimatron document and the CimatronE Explorer.
Next the
environment is discussed, and on-screen options such as the menu bars, icons and mouse functions are mentioned.
Within Cimatron there are several ways you can select and capture what appears on the
Within the
Sets and M-View chapter the creation of groups containing specific geometric entities is discussed together with the creation of user-defined views of entities which include a profile of parameters.
The final two chapters deal with the interaction within CimatronE. The sketcher is the graphic environment used by CimatronE to create 2D parametric geometry:
Editing within the Sketcher is dealt with in Part 1.
Further editing functions and the solid building function are discussed in Part 2


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