CimatronE Tutorial – Mechanism Assembly

Stage1 Early Preparation
In this stage early preparations are done (in general, it is an optional stage depending upon the mechanism assembly you are creating)

Stage2 Create the Assembly
In this stage we will create the assembly; add relevant parts, set connections and defined relations.

Define the Mechanism assembly
Stage 3 Define the main part
Define the Mechanism assembly; this is done in a few stages:
Define a Main Part, define the Parent / Child relationships, define Interchangeable parts, Catalog relations and Formulas.
Defining a Main Part to the Mechanism assembly is a mandatory stage; all the other stages are optional.
The Main Part will always be in the assembly and cannot be dependent in other parts. Only one part can be the Main Part.

Stage 4 Define the Parent/Child Relationships
This step, enables you to create groups of parts that will be suppressed/unsuppressed together. It also will determine the “direction” of Catalog Relations (CR) between the parts.
For example, if there are screws and dowel pins that are children of the guide strip, this means that suppressing the guide strip (the parent) will also suppress the screws and pins (the children). It also means that the dimensions of the screws and pins will be controlled by the guide strip and not vice versa.

Stage 5 Define Interchangeable parts
Interchangeable Groups
This step enables you to define parts as Interchangeable Parts. These are parts that can be interchanged with one another when loading the assembly from the catalog.
For example if a slider assembly has 2 types of Locking Heel, one of the 2 types can be selected when loading the assembly from the catalog. The one that is not selected will be suppressed.

Stage 6 Catalog Filtering Relations
This step enables you to create Catalog Relations (CR) between components in the Mechanism Assembly.These relations use the parent/child relationships and create filtering rules on the parts in the Mechanism Assembly. These filtering rules enable the catalog to be filtered and only display a specific part size that meets the defined relations.

Stage 7 Formulas
This step enables you to define formulas based on the dimensions of the parts in the assembly. These formulas supply the necessary information when loading the Mechanism Assembly from the catalog and enable you to choose the best combination of parts.

Stage 8 Save the Mechanism assembly

Stage 9 Load the Mechanism assembly


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