CimatronE Tutorial – Sketcher

The sketcher is the graphic environment used by CimatronE to create 2D parametric geometry. The Sketcher is a powerful, yet intuitive, tool enabling you to create and modify entities in relation to each other.
In the opening chapter of
dimensioning, tips such as positioning, angle placement and fully dimensioning various entities are discussed.
Next the concept of using
constraints within a simple sketch and the choice between automatic and manual previewing of a sketch is mentioned.
References chapter refers to choosing datums as references in a sketch and editing the sketch plane.
editing functions are discussed.
Closed Points function allows you to take a set of imported sketch curves and close their open points, within a defined tolerance.
Split/Extend within the Sketcher enables you to Split/Trim/Extend curves by another Curve or Point entities in the Sketcher. This tool is based on the standard Feature Guide interaction.


Edit Constraints


The Construction Line tool helps plan and position new entities in the graphical display area. The
construction line itself, is not real and does not appear within the part environment. The
Construction Line tool enables switching between a regular entity and a construction entity.

Close Points
Often when importing a Wireframe model from another format into Cimatron, open points are discovered. To perform Solid Operations these edges need to be closed. For this purpose, the Close Points function is used.


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