ANSYS – Advanced Scripting of DesignModeler

1 Documented APIs of DesignModeler
2 Workshop-1: Record/Edit/Replay Journal in DM
3 Advanced APIs of DesignModeler
4 Workshop-2: Using the advanced APIs
6 Workshop-3: Using predefined user APIs
7 Advanced Self Study example scripts

• Supported API’s of DesignModeler

• Attaching Debugger to DesignModeler

• Advanced scripting API’s of DesignModeler – Handlers • Tree, Graphics, File, Event (Feature) – List View details

• Finding command of DM example (File >> Import)

Documented Scripting API’s in DM
• Scripting language used – Jscript

• Also support xml and html for wizard creations

• Jscript can be read from File  Run Script in DM

• Basic API’s are useful for – Recording and Editing of sketch functions… – Creating new Planes and Sketches – Using features like extrude/ revolve to create geometries

• Above functionality is not sufficient to work with complicated models


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