ANSYS Mechanical Introduction to Structural Nonlinearities

This training course covers basic procedures for performing structural nonlinear analyses using the Mechanical Interface.

It is intended for users already familiar with the procedures for performing a linear static analysis in the Mechanical environment.

General Procedures
In this chapter, general tools and procedures useful for achieving convergence and post processing results are introduced. These tools are not specific to a particular source of nonlinearity.

Introduction to Contact
An introduction to solid body contact will be presented in this Lecture: • It is assumed that the user has already covered lecture 2 on General Procedures.

Rate Independent Plasticity
The following will be covered in this Chapter: A. Background Elasticity/Plasticity B. Yield Criteria C. Flow Rule D. Hardening Rules E. Material Data Input F. Analysis Settings

Buckling Analysis
A. Background on Structural Stability
B. Linear (Eigenvalue) Buckling Procedure
C. Background on Nonlinear Buckling Techniques
D. Nonlinear Stabilization

Nonlinear Diagnostics
Since some nonlinear structural analyses can be challenging to solve, understanding how to diagnose non-convergence problems is critical in obtaining answers

Mesh Nonlinear Adaptivity
Introduction to Mesh Nonlinear Adaptivity
Understanding the Criterion ─ Energy Based ─ Position Based ─ Contact Based ─ Mesh –Quality Based • Generating the new Mesh


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